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Age: 25

Occupation: Writer (I really do have a real job, promise.)

Start weight: 225 (10/02/10)

Current weight: 138 (2/27/11)

Pounds lost so far: 87

Former activities: Television, fast food, the internetz.

Current activities: Running, hiking, cooking, travel-lusting (and yeah, still some television… balance right?!)

So why the change? After struggling for years with depression (and the lovely side affect of weight gain) I decided I wasn’t going to spend any more time of my one-and-only adventure here on Earth sitting around. I didn’t change just one thing, I changed it all. I began to move (read my thoughts on running here), I began to eat deliberately and nutritiously and I began to invest in the people around me, people I’d written off because that’s what I’d done to myself. My journey isn’t over, and it isn’t easy, but feeling alive, feeling mighty, is worth it.

Before (2010):

In Progress (Feb. 2011):